【亚博APP官方】Soviet-era T-72 Tanks苏联时期的T-72坦克ISIS captured many tanks from the Iraqi army, including the relatively modern Soviet T-72, of which it may have as many as 10.ISIS捕捉了伊拉克军队的许多坦克,其中还包括较为现代苏联T-72,有可能有多达10辆。照片:维基共享资源Type 59 Artillery59式火炮Also known by the slightly less succinct name 130 mm towed field gun M-46 M1954, the Type 59 came out of the Soviet Union in the 1950s. Medium reported in August that ISIS was using the artillery against Iraqi troops原始名字称作“130毫米拖拉式野战炮—M-46 M1954,”59式火炮来自20世纪50年代苏联。媒体报道,八月ISIS用于火炮此对付伊拉克军队。

FIM-92 Stinger MANPADsFIM-92毒刺便携式防空系统ISIS fighters acquired a host of American Stinger missiles from ravaged Iraqi basis, according to Fox News. The Stinger is lightweight and easy to use, and can be operated from the shoulder of a single soldier, making it no small threat.ISIS战士从伊拉克战场上掳获大批美国毒刺导弹,据福克斯新闻说道。毒刺轻巧且更容易用于,并且单一士兵就可以操作者,使得它享有极大的威胁。


ZU-23-2 Sergey Anti-Aircraft CannonZU-23-2“谢尔盖”防空炮Medium reported in August that ISIS was using these Soviet anti-aircraft mounted guns with brutal effectiveness against Iraqs dwindling helicopter gunship force.媒体报道,八月ISIS用于这些苏联防空炮有效应对伊拉克的武装直升机部队。Iraqi Chemical Weapons伊拉克化学武器Reports in July said that ISIS had seized an old Iraqi chemical weapons facility just north of Baghdad. More recent reports claim that chemical weapons are being used by ISIS against Kurdish troops七月份有报导称之为,ISIS在巴格达以北早已捕捉了一个原有的伊拉克化学武器的设施。最近的报导称之为,isis正在对库尔德人的部队用于化学武器Chinese HJ-8中国的HJ-8Multiple reports have said that ISIS is using the HJ-8 anti-tank missile, a Chinese weapon first built in the early 1980s. While somewhat unwieldy, the weapon ostensibly has a hit probability rate of 90 percent多个报导说道,ISIS正在用于HJ-8反坦克导弹,这种中国的武器最先生产于20世纪80年代初。虽然有些僵硬,虽然武器只有90%的命中率9K32 Strela-2/SA-7 Grail9K32 STRELA-2 / SA-7圣杯The Washington Post reported that multiple ISIS propaganda videos have surfaced showing fighters using the SA-7 Strela, a shoulder-mounted surface-to-air missile.华盛顿邮报报导,多个ISIS宣传的视频指出他们正在用于SA-7 STRELA,一种肩扛式地对空导弹。

American/Iraqi Humvees美国/伊拉克悍马Along with tanks and weapons, ISIS fighters have also picked up a host of Humvees from raided Iraqi bases. This ability of Humvees to easily negotiate treacherous desert conditions has led to their widespread use in the region. The vehicles are also capable of playing host to multiple weapon emplacements.随着坦克和武器被大量捕捉,战士ISIS还攻击了伊拉克基地捕捉了悍马车。因为悍马车可以精彩穿过诡异的沙漠,这种车早已在该地区普遍用于。


车辆还能改装战车。M198 HowitzerM198榴弹炮Business Insider reported in July that ISIS had seized 55 American M198 Howitzers from a fleeing Iraqi army. The weapon is capable of firing 155mm shells with a kill radius of 50 meters.商业内幕报导,7月ISIS早已从一个后撤的伊拉克军队那里官方下载掳获55个美国M198榴弹炮。