3D打印术 一天内造出232平米楼房:亚博APP


【亚博APP官方】Forget weeks to find a builder and months for house construction, a machine developed in the United States can build a 232sq m home layer by layer in a single day.我们不必须再行花上几周的时间去找建筑商或者花上数月的时间为房屋施工了。美国研发的一种机器可以在一天之内一层层地打印机出有232平方米的房子。

University of Southern Californias Professor Behrokh Khoshnevis has designed the giant robot that replaces construction workers with a nozzle on a gantry, this squirts out concrete and can quickly build a home according to a computer pattern.南加州大学教授比赫洛克·霍什内维斯设计了这种能代替建筑工人的大型机器人。这种机器人的机器臂上有燃烧室,借此涌出混凝土,可以根据电脑图纸较慢修建出有一栋房屋。The nature of the technology means it will also be possible to create curved walls and architecture that is both exotic and beautiful, according to Prof Khoshnevis.根据比赫洛克·霍什内维斯教授所言,这项技术的本质意味著它也有可能创立出有既无法解释又漂亮的倾斜的墙壁和建筑。

As a result, it could be ideal to print out customised luxury homes.因此,理想中它能打印机出有私人自定义的奢侈住所。Prof Khoshnevis claims that Contour Crafting could slash the cost of homeowning, making it possible for millions of displaced people to get on the property ladder.比赫洛克·霍什内维斯教授说道,“轮廓工艺”可以大幅缩减享有住房的成本,让成千上万无家可归的人取得房产沦为有可能。

It could even be used in disaster relief areas to build emergency and replacement housing.它甚至也可在赈灾区被用来修建应急住所和住房移位。Furthermore, Prof Khoshnevis believes that the technology could be applied beyond our planet.而且,比赫洛克·霍什内维斯教授坚信这项技术可以被运用到我们的星球以外。

Contour Crafting technology has the potential to build safe, reliable, and affordable lunar and Martian structures, habitats, laboratories, and other facilities before the arrival of human beings, his website reads.他的网站上写到,“‘轮廓工艺’技术也许可以在人类登岸其他星球前,再行在月亮和火星上修建起安全可靠而且实惠的建筑、栖息地、实验室以及其他设施。。